Fresh Grocery Shopping in Minutes -

What were the Pain Points that the client had regarding this campaign, and what challenges did they face?

In 2019, when BAEMIN B-Mart was first launched, it positioned itself as the "era of small-quantity quick delivery," emphasizing the advantage of consumers being able to receive products they need promptly. Many people were attracted to this convenience, leading to the initial rapid growth of B-Mart.

However, over time, the growth rate began to slow down. Consumers used B-Mart mainly for urgently needed or small-quantity items, while opting for other online platforms for comprehensive grocery shopping. The goal was to change this perception among consumers and establish B-Mart as a leading player in grocery shopping.

What insights were discovered to address Pain Points in the market situation, target characteristics, products, etc.?

One crucial factor that consumers considered when choosing a grocery shopping platform was the "freshness" of food. When asked why they selected a particular platform for grocery shopping, responses included "because of early morning delivery, it seems fresh" and "good management of fresh food such as meat and vegetables." In other words, to become a leader in grocery shopping, B-Mart needed to create an image as a platform where consumers could trust and purchase fresh food. In reality, B-Mart systematically managed various fresh foods through its directly operated logistics center.

However, within consumers' perceptions, the image of a service where they could purchase fresh food was lacking. They primarily viewed B-Mart as a service for the rapid delivery of small quantities of products. Consequently, they were using B-Mart for convenience items like instant rice and snacks.

Based on these insights, there was a need to dispel the misconception that B-Mart was only a service for urgent deliveries of convenience items. The focus shifted to a campaign that systematically communicated the availability of quality-controlled fresh food for order. The goal was to change the perception and position B-Mart as a service where consumers could consistently order fresh groceries.

What was the integrated solution based on the discovered insights?

To distinguish the service from other brands and go beyond, we needed to convey that the service could deliver fresher food. While it was essential to mention the variety of fresh produce and systematic quality management, we believed that alone wouldn't differentiate this service from other services consumers were already using. Therefore, we decided to highlight B-Mart's most significant asset – immediate delivery, a claim no other brand could make.

B-Mart manages various fresh foods, including meat, vegetables, and fruits, through a systematic quality management system. The key message was to emphasize that B-Mart could deliver these fresh products not just the next day or early in the morning but right now, ensuring the freshest condition for consumers. The main theme for the campaign, "Fresh Grocery Shopping in Minutes with B-Mart," was chosen to efficiently convey this message.

We created TVC materials, digital content, and outdoor ads aligned with this theme and used various media channels to communicate this message to consumers.

What were the outcomes of the campaign?

Immediate consumer response after the campaign indicated a revival in B-Mart's growth. Comparing transaction amounts before and after the campaign showed a substantial 144% increase, and new customer growth reached an impressive 136%. The driving force behind such significant results was the targeted focus on the fresh food category, a goal we were aiming for. The percentage of fresh food purchases within B-Mart remained steady in the 26% range before the campaign but surged to over 30% after its execution.

Consumers started recognizing B-Mart as their go-to service for fresh grocery shopping, resolving the initial concern of the client. These achievements were not only celebrated by the client but also earned recognition at the global marketing advertising competition, the Effie Awards, where the campaign received a silver award.