ClientHD Hyundai

HD Hyundai's Name Change
Notification Digital Campaign

What were the Pain Points that the client had regarding this campaign, and what challenges did they face?

The "Hyundai Heavy Industries Group" changed its name to "HD Hyundai" after 50 years. The client aimed to inform people about this name change while shedding the heavy image associated with the previous industrial focus and portraying a more youthful and future-oriented image.

What insights were discovered to address Pain Points in the market situation, target characteristics, products, etc.?

Although the name had changed, HD Hyundai's business areas such as shipbuilding, construction equipment, and energy were still unfamiliar and carried a heavy perception to the general public. The insight was that directly expressing what the company does in a straightforward manner could not only decrease public interest but also make it challenging to convey a new and fresh feeling.

What was the integrated solution based on the discovered insights?

Based on the discovered insights, we created four witty and creative pieces interpreting HD Hyundai's subsidiaries' activities with simple words: "Friend, vitality, trend, and fun."

*Friend = for eco-friendly bioenergy
*Vitality = for smart construction solutions enhancing daily life with advanced technology
*Trend = for smart autonomous navigation reaching beyond South Korea to the world
*Fun = for a global R&D center connecting the present to the future

Additionally, we introduced unusual visual elements like "giraffes, moons, pianos, and alpacas," which are uncommon in heavy industry advertising, to create an atmosphere that conveys a sense of futurism and novelty.

What were the outcomes of the campaign?

After the campaign, survey results showed that 82.3% of respondents knew about the name change. People's perceptions of "likability" and "familiarity" towards HD Hyundai increased after seeing the ads. The campaign also resulted in a 15-20% increase in the perception of HD Hyundai as a "leading company in the future," "trendy," and "youthful."