ClientHL Group

HL Group Name Change Campaign,
HL Klemove Launch Campaign

What were the Pain Points that the client had regarding this campaign, and what challenges did they face?

In 2022, Hanla Group announced a new name "HL," symbolizing "Higher Life," to mark the launch of the new affiliate HL Klemove and the 60th anniversary of its founding. In line with this, a campaign was needed to introduce the new name and vision of Hanla Group and the launch of the innovative autonomous driving technology company, HL Klemove.

For the HL Klemove campaign, the goal was to convey a distinctive brand identity to the recruitment and young target audience, positioning it as a leading mobility software company in the autonomous driving ecosystem, and creating an image of a Hero Brand that could transition to the entire HL Group in the future. Additionally, the HL Group campaign aimed to inform employees, the general public, and especially the young target audience about the new birth of HL Group, introduce the group's major affiliates and businesses and build a brand personality characterized by being young, challenging, innovative, and creative.

What insights were discovered to address Pain Points in the market situation, target characteristics, products, etc.?

There were two main concerns. One was the client's request that the HL Klemove campaign should not look like a "car advertisement." Initially puzzled about how to exclude cars when autonomous driving technology is applied to cars, a solution was found by focusing on the keyword "road." "Road" had high relevance to autonomous driving technology and could convey various messages.

The second concern was communicating Hanla Group's 60 years of history while introducing the new name and vision. The challenge was to make the name "HL" memorable while showcasing HL Group affiliates and members.

What was the integrated solution based on the discovered insights?

1 Creating empathy and elegant launch campaign

In the HL Klemove launch campaign, the copy "It's okay to lose your way" was used to establish empathy with the audience encountering HL Klemove for the first time. It aimed to connect with both the general public and young individuals aspiring to work in the autonomous driving field. The message conveyed to the protagonist was, "It's okay to lose your way. Losing your way means discovering a new world you didn't know." This served as an encouraging message to young individuals going through challenging times in job preparation, while also implying that HL Klemove's autonomous driving technology ensures safe travel without worries of getting lost. The advertisement featured a narration that was calm yet confident, presenting HL Klemove as if it were speaking directly to the protagonist. Additionally, the use of an exotic backdrop, appealing music, and the "one scene, one shot" technique (capturing the entire scene in a single take without cuts) effectively conveyed the protagonist's emotions.

In the main HL Klemove ad, the "HL Klemove People" were portrayed developing innovative technology through stylish visuals. Comprising three parts, the main ad series showcased HL Klemove's youthful and sophisticated image. They communicated its pioneering and future-oriented technology through friendly and witty copy such as "Playful, Sensible, Clever Fellows." Through a total of four ads, including the launch ad, the campaign aimed to differentiate HL Klemove as a mobility software company leading the autonomous driving ecosystem, establish a distinctive brand identity, and lay the groundwork for a Hero Brand image that could transition throughout the entire HL Group.

2 Youthful and dynamic atmosphere of HL Group name change campaign

Given the importance of conveying the new name and vision to the public, the HL Group launch ad was revealed. Starting with a young individual drawing lines on a court, the ad began with the narration, "Perhaps a new path can only be found by leaving the beaten track." As the camera ascended into the sky, it was revealed that the lines drawn by the young individual formed the letters "HL." This visually communicated the new name of HL Group.

The subsequent main ad showcased various HL Group subsidiaries and members, presenting a youthful and dynamic image of HL as an entity that innovates familiar concepts and challenges unknown territories. Highlighting HL's unique approach of not just following the usual path but seeking new paths towards the future, the ad introduced HL members and their creative working methods.

What were the outcomes of the campaign?

Over the course of 4.5 months, we were able to announce the launch of HL Klemove and the new name of HL Group through comprehensive media channels, reaching various customer touchpoints. The integrated YouTube video for HL Klemove and HL Group campaigns achieved 20.2 million views, exceeding the set goal. Additionally, to increase offline touchpoints, outdoor advertisements were executed in over 12 locations, including central areas in Seoul with high pedestrian traffic, effectively conveying the brand's scale and trendiness to both internal and external customers.

In TVCF, the HL Klemove and HL Group campaigns were charted as popular works of the week and month. Simultaneously, positive reviews and comments were observed on platforms such as Naver Blogs.

Furthermore, for post-advertising execution, we conducted an online survey with 500 respondents (both genders) to assess brand awareness and advertising effectiveness. The results showed that HL Klemove successfully formed the desired image of being young, daring, and innovative, while HL Group created an image of being daring, innovative, and youthful. Ultimately, after viewing the ads, favorability increased from 41.3% to 77.3%, indicating positive results with an increase in investment intention and employment preference.