ClientJadam Chicken

Korea’s 6% Chicken,
Jadam Chicken

What were the Pain Points that the client had regarding this campaign, and what challenges did they face?

Jadam Chicken, among over 470 chicken brands in Korea, is the only one consistently emphasizing the use of "animal welfare chickens" as premium welfare chicken since 2019. However, the unique aspect of Jadam Chicken "animal welfare chickens" was not easily connecting with consumers who primarily choose chicken based on "taste." The challenge for this campaign was to create anticipation for the "taste" associated with "animal welfare chickens" from Jadam Chicken.

What insights were discovered to address Pain Points in the market situation, target characteristics, products, etc.?

Consumers who predominantly select chicken based on "taste" usually do not critically consider the main ingredient, "chicken." In this context, creating an expectation that "animal welfare chickens taste delicious" and connecting it with the taste was deemed crucial for this campaign.

From the consumer's perspective, the typical image associated with "animal welfare chickens" includes "premium," "freshness," and "healthy ingredients." However, there was a considerable hurdle to evoke the sense of "taste." To overcome this, the campaign focused on a different approach to convey "animal welfare chickens" to consumers, emphasizing taste and providing a fresh perspective.

What was the integrated solution based on the discovered insights?

The "animal welfare chickens" from Jadam Chicken are selectively raised on farms certified with over 100 stringent conditions. Comparing this to the total number of farms nationwide, the insight revealed that "animal welfare chickens" come from only 6% of farms. To highlight this insight, a communication strategy of "Korea's 6% Chicken" was developed. This strategy aimed to present a new perspective to consumers on how Jadam Chicken sets itself apart as a unique and exceptional chicken.

The scarcity conveyed by the phrase "Korea's 6% Chicken" aimed to make consumers recognize how sincere Jadam Chicken is about its chicken, the stringent standards it holds, and the distinct taste it offers. This strategy not only aimed to connect naturally with the "taste" but also to intensify the consumer's "taste expectations." Towards the end of the TVC video, by posing the question "What percentage is your chicken?," the campaign successfully refreshed consumer perspectives on chicken, clearly demarcating Jadam Chicken from other brands. The campaign was aired successfully, marking a strategic achievement in conveying Jadam Chicken's dedication, stringent standards, and exceptional taste, and positioning it as a premium brand in the minds of consumers.

What were the outcomes of the campaign?

With 238 new store openings, Jadam Chicken secured the 3rd position in the chicken industry, surpassing formidable large chicken brands. This success allowed the brand to rapidly expand its network of new franchises. The achievement of being the 3rd in the chicken industry in terms of new store openings indicates the meaningful impact of the branding campaign, resonating with prospective entrepreneurs. Jadam Chicken had consistently been outside the top 10 in brand reputation surveys and moved up significantly to the 7th position after the campaign. This demonstrated a notable increase in consumer interest and community engagement with the Jadam Chicken brand. The campaign successfully elevated the brand's stature numerically, proving the heightened perception of Jadam Chicken in the eyes of consumers.

In the highly competitive chicken brand landscape of South Korea, where numerous brands vie for consumer attention, the campaign effectively engraved the image of Jadam Chicken's "6% Chicken" as a distinctive feature. Consumers now naturally associate Jadam Chicken with the conscious choice of "6% Chicken" when indulging in chicken consumption. The campaign opened a new perspective in the chicken market, positioning Jadam Chicken as a leader in branding. Its continued success reflects the positive impact and reception of the campaign, sustaining its excellent performance in the market.