ClientCJ CheilJedang

2030 Core Target
Witty Digital Campaign,

What were the Pain Points that the client had regarding this campaign, and what challenges did they face?

PlanTable is a plant-based food brand that showcases CJ CheilJedang's accumulated technological expertise. This was their first campaign, and they hoped to create a launch campaign that would not only generate consumer expectations for the product but also lead to a positive dining experience. However, the challenge was that veganism, though an important trend in current dietary habits, still faced some distance to mainstream acceptance. There was a perception that vegan food lacked taste, and the menu was limited, hindering a smooth launch.

What insights were discovered to address Pain Points in the market situation, target characteristics, products, etc.?

To address these issues, there was consideration of promoting the campaign with a message like "PlanTable products are delicious despite being vegan!" However, it was recognized that simply claiming "taste" is subjective and influenced by individual experiences, making it difficult to resolve the problem. Particularly, consumers who had never tried PlanTable might find it challenging to relate to such claims.

An insight discovered through a survey at this point was that consumers felt a plant-based food needed to have a taste and flavor similar to meat to be considered "delicious." Therefore, it was decided to leverage the familiar taste of "meat" to describe the taste of PlanTable and make it more appealing to consumers.

What was the integrated solution based on the discovered insights?

1 Brand slogan setting to evoke expectations

The proposed brand slogan based on the discovered insight was "Enjoy deliciously without meat." It conveyed the expectation that, with PlanTable's unique technological capabilities, consumers have the right to enjoy plant-based food deliciously and freely embrace the new choice of being vegan.

2 2030 Core target customized solution, digital campaign

To effectively communicate the new values that PlanTable brings, a targeted integrated solution was needed. For the 2030 core target, who does not watch much TV, a digital-centric campaign was constructed. The main video featured witty storytelling that implemented the texture and flavor of meat without using actual meat, resulting in a story where even a tiger fell in love. Short-form content was also created to align with the target's preference for impactful messages. To connect with consumers and drive actual purchases, various digital banners were strategically deployed.

3 A challenge for value trend

Given the trend of choosing plant-based food based on values, a challenge/support app called "Challengers" was utilized. PlanTable conducted a challenge encouraging users to experience and adopt a healthy and environmentally friendly eating habits by incorporating PlanTable into their diet.

What were the outcomes of the campaign?

During the campaign period, PlanTable's average monthly sales growth rate was 20%, and the campaign received praise for effectively increasing awareness and driving purchases for PlanTable. In particular, the brand image evaluation conducted after the campaign showed a significant improvement in positive images, with the perception of "delicious" increasing by 15% compared to the previous evaluation!

Additionally, despite being a long-form storytelling video, the main video recorded approximately 2.38 million views, demonstrating a strong response from consumers. Particularly noteworthy were the comments assigning a name to the tiger that appeared in the video, indicating that consumers embraced PlanTable, a plant-based food, with enthusiasm through this campaign without resistance!