SSG.COM Brand Launch

What were the Pain Points that the client had regarding this campaign, and what challenges did they face?

SSG.COM was a unified online shopping platform that brought together online shopping sites of Shinsegae Group such as Emart Mall, Shinsegae Mall, Shinsegae Department Store, and Traders, launched in 2014. Despite a relatively successful brand launch, many consumers still had limited knowledge of what kind of shopping mall SSG.COM was and what strengths it possessed.

The client was grappling with defining the core values that SSG.COM should convey to make it easier for consumers to recognize and understand. They were considering whether to emphasize the merit of being able to make purchases in one place or to highlight the individual advantages of each shopping mall, such as the convenience of Emart Mall's grocery shopping or the reliability of department store products. The task given was to propose a direction based on these considerations.

What insights were discovered to address Pain Points in the market situation, target characteristics, products, etc.?

When we first try to make a new friend and become close, the first thing we usually do is introduce ourselves. At that moment, we realized that rather than emphasizing what kind of person we are or what strengths we possess, it is more important to introduce our name first and make it memorable.

Therefore, we decided that the goal of the SSG.COM campaign should be to increase the brand's awareness, rather than emphasizing the advantages of the unified shopping mall or the merits of individual shopping malls. We believed that raising awareness and making the brand familiar and instantly memorable should take precedence.

Through various searches and interviews, we discovered that the SSG.COM brand was still quite unfamiliar to many, and pronouncing the brand name "SSG.COM" was challenging for customers. Therefore, we decided to position SSG.COM as a close and friendly friend, someone customers would want to call and meet continuously, making it easy and comfortable to remember and refer to.

What was the integrated solution based on the discovered insights?

When getting close to a new friend, we often create nicknames based on their name instead of using their full name. Many consumers follow a culture of pronouncing or shortening challenging or lengthy corporate names when conversing online. Based on this insight, and contemplating how to express SSG.COM's values and define its role as a unified online shopping platform, we proposed the official abbreviation "SSG=쓱" (pronounced "sseuk").

"Sseuk" not only has a short pronunciation but also conveys the idea of doing something quickly or subtly, reflecting the swift and easy shopping behavior or the finger movement when using the app. "Sseuk" also symbolizes the definition of SSG.COM as a unified online shopping platform where various shopping malls can be explored at once. It is a word that can capture the mobile shopping scenario and consumer habits and actions.

We were confident that "Sseuk" could serve as a container to encompass SSG.COM's unchanging attribute of "At a glance from department stores to Emart" while being a vessel for many stories that SSG.COM will tell in the future.

In the shopping category, where various ads are exposed, consumers interested in shopping and obtaining information from social media needed elements to make SSG.COM feel distinctive. Rather than simply delivering content unilaterally through media, we believed that consumers should be the protagonists, creating content that they would want to share on SNS or discuss in the community. Thus, we focused on strengthening the R2S (Reason to Share) element of this content rather than R2B (Reason to Believe), reflecting SSG.COM's R2B element.

Therefore, the video was sophisticated and artistically composed like a painting, while the model's lines were placed in very everyday terms. The visual, slightly inexpensive yet friendly and amusing, aimed to create an unconventional advertisement through the combination of seemingly incompatible elements. This effort was made because SSG.COM's intrinsic value as a unified shopping platform allowed for the fusion of extreme and diverse elements, resulting in the creation of a new and creative content.

What were the outcomes of the campaign?

The campaign received explosive reactions on SNS within one or two days of its launch. Numerous inquiries and parodies came in from various places, such as pharmaceutical brands, the Election Commission, golf apparel brands, educational institutions, and the police department. Many spontaneous posts and virality occurred, resulting in an online buzz that increased by about 80 times compared to before the advertising campaign.

Moreover, the consumers' explosive response began to translate into increased sales for the advertiser. Immediately after the campaign, sales increased by 32% compared to the same period last year, the number of order customers increased by 25%, and the number of members increased by 30% compared to the same period last year. Even the number of members in the 1-20 age group increased by about 50%. Additionally, Naver search queries increased by 185%.